Engineering Services / Modbus Support

  • We provide engineering services to setup meters for modbus communuications and help tie in modbus networks into various Scada systems. We provide extensive knowledge to design and startup complex networks for your power monitoring needs.

Engineering Services / Meter Field Testing

  • We provide field testing services to insure that the submetering components are calibrated, installed and reading correctly. We assist site BAS, HMI/SCADA engineer to ensure full system functionality. ¬†We have experience in BacNet (IP/MSTP), Modbus (RTU/TCPIP), SNMP communication protocols. A typical project would have an engineer verify certain points on a device (i.e. Voltage, Current, Amps) to the site software (i.e. Siemens, Allerton, Automated Logic).

Engineering Services / Lighting Control

  • We provide configuration and testing services for GE ROCB lighting control system.